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Modern House Photos – Delta Shelter

Delta ShelterThere are architects, and then there are architects who really seem to thoroughly enjoy being architects. A body of work by Olson Sundberg Kundid Allen suggest they fit into the latter category.

Last year the firm was recognized for two projects that brought unique challenges requiring unique solutions. In Rolling Huts architect Tom Kundig helped the owner of a former campground set in a flood plain turn the site into a new retreat of modern low-impact huts that are elevated for minimal footprint and maximum view of surrounding mountains. The huts make for a relaxing getaway and can be rented at

Kundig also was recognized for Outpost, a combined residence and studio/workshop in the Idaho desert. To withstand the harsh environment Outpost materials include concrete block, car-decking, and plywood. As in Rolling Huts the end result of Outpost is true to its name but updated with modern conveniences while remaining a coherent part of the landscape.

Though each of these are superb examples of site specific architecture, MHM has chosen an older project called Delta Shelter for this Featured Slide Show. Enjoy this 1,000 square-foot weekend cabin whose steel shutters can be closed via a hand crank after enjoying a long peaceful weekend.

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